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Hi again! So today I am here with answers to a tag I have been nominated for by the lovely Vicki from silkandboots blog. So, apparently, the Liebster Award is like a chain letter given to bloggers who have 200 or less followers and it’s for new and current followers to find a bit more out about the person behind the screen.
The Liebster award was super new for me but I love the concept of getting involved in this little blogging community and I think the questions I got asked are fab- thanks Vicki!:) Read on for my answers- I hope you enjoy this blogpost. Comment any of your thoughts and also any ideas for future posts and I’ll be sure to check out your blog!
1. What motivated you to start your blog?
Well, I am an avid watcher of ‘youtubers’, from beauty, fashion, comedy, known and unknown, but I am the least confident person you will ever meet. So I figured a blog was a cool way of entering the ‘scene’ so to speak, without actually feeling embarrassment up to my ears (and I’m enjoying it more than I ever thought I would). I like blogging about bits and bobs and hope to continue to do so.
2. What’s your biggest surprise come from blogging?
My biggest surprise is how nice everyone is and how easy it is to slot right in! I really appreciate any comments and followers on my blog and also my Instagram which I made to pair together (@allyblogs -shameless self promotion). It’s lovely to feel accepted in this community and it has come as a surprise- as i thought no one would ever read or even see what I wrote.
3. What’s in your make up bag that you can’t live without?
My Collection concealer is my life saviour! I don’t usually have problem skin and very rarely use foundation (my skin type is dry/sensitive I believe) so when any blemishes or red patches pop up I use the slightest bit of concealer to cover them and feel a lot more confident because of it!
4. What’s your signature look?
As a teenager in High School (soon to be college-eep!), personally, I would feel silly with a full face of makeup every day so I guess my signature look is ‘simple’- with natural eye colours, a pretty blush -Benefits rocketeur at the mo, neutral lipgloss and my fave mascara. Maybe black eyeliner if I’m feeling in the mood and only winged on occasions when I’m not late (very rare!).
5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
I was lucky enough to travel to New York last year and I loved it so much, I would travel back in a heartbeat if given the chance, but as for somewhere I’ve never been I’d love to go to either Rome, Paris or California, for varied but the obvious reasons;)
6. Who would your three choices be, dead or alive, non/famous people to have for a dinner party? (For this I wondered whether to go deep and controversial or just purely the most improbable: I went for the second lol.) Beyoncè -despite being in total awe I feel like just being in close proximity with her would make you automatically more cool, also she would provide the entertainment. Jamie Oliver- he just seems like an all round nice guy and he would cook a lovely dinner. Zac Efron- because …
7. What’s your favourite tv programme?
At the moment I would probably say ‘New Girl’ which I watch on E4 in any particular order.
8. Apart from blogging what else do you like to do in you spare time?
Apart from blogging which is a lovely hobby as of late, I go to yoga, I enjoy shopping, and probably most of all I love to read. I recently just read ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green and it is the only book that has ever made me cry. I thoroughly recommend it but brace yourself- it’s amazing.
9. What blogs are you recommending at the moment as good reads?
My favourite blog at the moment is the ever popular Miss Amelia Liana’s lovely blog, she really inspired me to blog! As well as Anna from viviannadoesmakeup of course.
10.What social networks are you on?
At the moment I am here on WordPress, bloglovin ,and Instagram feel free to follow me on each!
11. What makes your blog different to others?
At the moment I’m nothing spectacular I must admit, but I’m hoping that people like my chatty style of tutorials and reviews and that I can continue to post content that makes me and my followers happy. I have an idea to start doing nail art demos/ tutorials and I would love your thoughts on this so please comment if this is something you would want! 🙂

I nominated these bloggers to answer my questions:
Lara ThatLara
Zoe Beautifinous
Georgia Georgialouise
And finally you! Whoever reads this please feel free to answer my questions and don’t forget to let me know. 🙂

My questions:
1. What is the aim of your blog & why did you start one?
2. What is your style? Describe it in a sentence.
3. What is your most loved high end beauty item?
4. If you could pick one meal you had to eat forever, what would it be?
5. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
6. What is your favourite style of music, name a favourite singer/ band?
7. Colour scheme of your bedroom?
8. What is your favourite place in the world?
9. Name 4 of your favourite shops.
10. Do you prefer reading or watching tv/ do you have recommendations for either?
11. What social networks are you on?



  1. Thank you for nominating me :)) I’ve been to Rome, it is incredible place, you should go there one day x

    1. allyblogs · · Reply

      No problem:) I would love to, I’ve been to Sorrento in Italy and on the Island Capri but Rome seems amazing x

  2. I did it! 🙂 Thanks for the nomination x

    1. allyblogs · · Reply

      Yay! No problem 🙂 x

  3. Why have I never heard of this tag? It’s so interesting haha I love your answers, you seem so so lovely!

    I started following your Instagram and I’ll give your blog a follow right now 🙂

    – Alissa

    1. Aw thanks! Just followed you on bloglovin, your blog is fab!:) x

  4. Ally, if I do this, do I just tag your blog & how would I display the Liebster Award logo (like yours) after I’ve done it? Thanks, xx Yael

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