Winged eyeliner?!

Hi! So today is Wednesday and I had promised a fab post, well, what’s better than a tutorial for one of a girls ultimate beauty struggles? Personally, I find winged eyeliner one of the hardest things to do make-up wise so I figured why not master it and write a blog post! This was also inspired by essiebutton’s most recent video!

So firstly, warning, I am not a make up artist by any means but seeing as I buy so much of the stuff I think I may as well (attempt to) learn how to use it. Winged eyeliner, for me at least, requires patience and practice. Never rush a winged look! Here’s my step by step guide on winging it (excuse the pun):
1) To start you will definitely need-
a liquid eyeliner, (I prefer the felt pen type mine is- L’Oréal)
a kohl/pencil eyeliner (mine’s rimmel scandal eyes)
any black eyeshadow and small eye shadow brush
and finally your fave mascara!

2) Okay so firstly I did my makeup how I normally would, leaving the eye pretty plain because of the bold wing.

3) I started by drawing a slant, extending out from my lower lash line upwards at a winged angle, and then joining this to the upper lash line and filling in to create a small triangle.

4) After achieving my desired length wing on both eyes, making sure they were as even as possible, I then started to draw a line in the centre -as close to my upper lash line as possible- to create a point to connect with.

5) I then joined the triangle and line together, sticking close to my lash line and creating a smooth, flowing winged-out line on both eyes. This wasn’t too hard as I used my favourite eyeliner which makes it easy to draw, and I took my time so as to avoid my hand shaking.

An optional step here is to go over the line with black powder eyeshadow so as to avoid any shiny ‘felt-pen like’ weirdness that sometimes happens 🙂
6) I then tight-lined my upper lash line so as to avoid any annoying ‘gap-ing’ this makes the lashes appear fuller as well.

7) I then curled my lashes (optional) and applied my favourite mascara to top and bottom lashes to finish off the look.


So that’s it! I hope this was reasonably easy to follow and you can understand my directions:) My best advise is to practice this look as much as you can – I still need it haha!
Please comment below any advise as I am a new blogger, any hints and tips on how you apply winged eyeliner and also any future posts you would like to see.
I really hope this was helpful, speak to you soon!




  1. great post! please check out my blog and maybe comment!
    thankyou xo

    1. allyblogs · · Reply

      Thanks I have 🙂 x

  2. Nice tutorial! I’m so bad at eye makeup haha ☺️

    1. allyblogs · · Reply

      Thankyou! I just took my time with this practicing has made me more confident and also if you can get an eyeliner that applies easily it’s not too hard!:) I recommend L’Oreal and I’ve heard the Stilla liquid ones are good if your willing to splash out haha xo

  3. nicely done! I SUCK at winged liner. I just gotta practice more though.

    1. allyblogs · · Reply


  4. It took me so long to master the art of winged liner & now it is my go to look. I love it! Great how to guide!

    1. Same! Thankyou 🙂 x

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