Drink tea and do Yoga

Since going to weekly yoga classes every Monday night for the past 2 months I think it’s about time I shared my new experiences.
Yoga is really good for the type of persons that wants to exercise but doesn’t necessarily want to sweat. (Me!) It is great for building strength and stamina in muscles and core and it improves balance (although I have fallen a fair few times in balancing poses) and willpower. I have found it challenging some days but always extremely peaceful and I come away from the group sessions feeling calm and refreshed. My particular session is an hour and a half and it flies by, and everyone is really respectful and you can attempt certain levels if you feel that certain poses are too much.
I would highly recommend anyone to go start yoga, the age range in my class varies wildly and there are always newcomers. So if you are the type to try a new fitness class or you want to include strengthening exercises into your exercise regime without lifting weights I would certainly recommend it!
What are your opinions on exercise classes, can you recommend any good ones, I’m always up for something new!


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