Stress level 100%

So it’s coming to the end of March and for me, at least, this means it’s time to crack down and start revising for my upcoming exams. I am a world class worrier, seriously, and I have been through enough stress that I believe I have started to gather some handy hints and tips for minimising stress when something important is coming up (let’s hope I can follow my own advice). These points can apply to any situation from being stressed out about an exam or work, to stressing about what you are going to wear tomorrow night to that party you forgot to plan for- I told you: world class worrier. I hope these help! Please comment any hints you have to get through stressful times and share your experiences.
~ Firstly, whatever your worried about, it probably is nowhere near as bad as what it seems right now. Take a deep breath and think about it- will you remember this in years to come? Is this a matter of life or death? If the answer is no then just laugh, laugh at yourself for how silly this is and try to think about it calmly without the tons of stress you’ve built around it. By minimising the problem you will definitely minimise the stress.
~ Have a cup of tea, in my mind there is no better stress reliever than having a cuppa, maybe even some biscuits. Take some time out to forget about your stress for a while and when you come back to it you can focus and put all your new positive energy into whatever it is.
~ Talk, talking to my mum helps me in any situation. Talking about your worries can also put things into perspective and you won’t feel as if your drowning in stress by yourself.
~ This might be weird but it can work for me, if you are in bed and you feel yourself stressing about what you have to do- then try putting all of your stresses into mind boxes (fictional treasure chests that live in your brain) and locking them up until day time. Night time is never a good time to overthink so try and get as much rest as possible.
~Another bed time trick (oo er) is to lay flat on your back and focus on sending each individual body part to sleep starting with your toes to feet to shins to kneecaps, everything! This can help me focus on something while making me relax at the same time. Worth a try?
~ List. I use lists all the time, just to get my thoughts in order, you know. Try writing down any worries either by hand or on ‘notes’ on your phone will do just fine. By writing these in an order things seem more manageable and you won’t have random thoughts circling your head as you’ll have got it all out of your system.
Anyway I think that’s enough of a ramble for today. If you would like more posts like this then follow and comment and I’ll check out your blog!


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  1. This is really great advice! My anxiety levels go way way up during exam week too :0

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