Monthly Archives: March 2014

Drink tea and do Yoga

Since going to weekly yoga classes every Monday night for the past 2 months I think it’s about time I shared my new experiences. Yoga is really good for the type of persons that wants to exercise but doesn’t necessarily want to sweat. (Me!) It is great for building strength and stamina in muscles and […]

Stress level 100%

So it’s coming to the end of March and for me, at least, this means it’s time to crack down and start revising for my upcoming exams. I am a world class worrier, seriously, and I have been through enough stress that I believe I have started to gather some handy hints and tips for […]


Hello, I’m Ally. Firstly, here’s some things about me so you don’t feel like I’m some random internet stranger. My names Alex (girl Alex not boy) but my blog says Ally because I thought it could be like my exciting alter ego. I’m a teenager from the North West of England, where nothing exciting happens […]